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Foam Lash & Lid Cleanser This eyelash cleanser is used to prep and disinfect th

Premium Strawberry Lash Cleanser Primer Protein Remover

This eyelash cleanser is used to prep and disinfect the lashes. Strips off any trace of protein, dirt, oil, make-up, virtually any mystery residue the client has on her lashes prior to her appointment. The cleaner the lashes are, the better the eyelash extensions can bond. Clients arrive to their appointment with various barriers on their lashes like dirt, creams, makeup, etc, preventing the glue to adhere completely to the natural lash.

By ensuring the lashes are clean before the appointment begins, you’ll eliminate that problem. This is also an excellent retail item to offer to your clients in lieu of oily or preservative-laden store-bought makeup removers as it won’t cause premature lash loss.

-Makes lashes last longer
-Removes dirt,oil and protein
-Doesnt irritate sensitive eyes
-Works with Dreamlash Quickie Adhesive to speed curing time

Strawberry Scent

To use: Apply with doe-foot or smallspace brush on dry eyelashes.